U2 360 Tour and Carbon Offsets

U2\'s 360 Tour Stage Design

U2, arguably one of the world’s very biggest bands and tour attractions, kicked off a massive world tour last month in Europe in support of their recent release, No Line on the Horizon. Not content with revisiting their previous stage designs, U2 is performing in what they call “360”, where the stage is in the middle of the venue, with huge video screens and speakers sit above the stage. This creates a sort of “democracy of perspective”, where everyone in the venue should get an equally excellent view.

But lugging all of this equipment around the world comes at an environmental cost.

The good news? U2 isn’t just any rock band – they do have a conscience, and see the value in making a difference in every way.

According to the New York Times, U2 has approached the giant carbon costs of transporting their cutting-edge stage design around the world on their current 18-month tour:

Perching above on four spindly legs will be a steel colossus bearing the lighting, speakers, cables and a giant conical video screen. Looking not unlike an alien sea monster, it is 50 meters high, or about 165 feet, weighs 390 tons and packs away into 180 trucks. (U2 is buying carbon offsets, but no one embarks on a rock tour with a clear eco-conscience.)

I’ll check in with more details as I get them, but this is certainly good news. I just wonder why the band or the U2 PR machine haven’t made that more public.

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  1. you may have seen this program they have just launched around the carbon issue you raise above.


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