Green Photo Printing

Really interesting news in the Green photography realm: Ecovisual Communications has launched the nation’s first 100% Green Custom Photo “Lab” is a new photo-printing firm, headed by industry veteran Rick Colson, and is the first to offer an exclusive combination of totally green, museum-quality, archival photographic print services.

“We’re bringing new green solutions to an industry that still uses toxic, petroleum-based, silver-based and tree-derived materials. Our new print solutions use papers made from 100% recycled cotton, VOC-free water-based inks, and mounting substrates made from soy and 100% post-consumer recycled paper,” says Colson. He continues, “I wouldn’t hesitate to hang one of our healthy prints over an infant’s crib as soon as it comes out of the printer.”

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  1. Nice to hear how printing can be done greener, thanks.

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